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Well... it's been a minute

To be honest when I logged on to the site a couple weeks ago I was amazed that some of the last 5 posts were from the Tales of Texas Pich'. It feels like years ago now and well... with good reason. A lot has changed since then. Several highs and lows along the way. How do I sum up the time from Austin to Boston and then out to in Bridgeport (hopefully you were up to date on that... been here since March '22)

Well... guess what? I'm not gonna! Yeah... not a chronilogical run down like usual... just what's up now.

Pichcast is done... for now... and maybe for good... but that's not a bad thing. Court Cousins has taken off to a new level and in order to keep that train running I can't be trying to do something else like that right now. I also HATE video editing. We have COurt Cousins, we occassionally do Card Cousins, and with Patreon extras that's enough content fo

r now. We have discussed maybe starting an "Off-Court Cousins" brand at some point down the road. but for now focused on making Court Cousins continue to grow. If you haven't seen the show because you don't care about the Orlando Magic... don't let that stop ya. We have a lot of fun on the show and you'll see our boys back in playoff contention very soon so get to know them now!

So I work at Chelsea Piers - CT in Stamford, CT. There are also locations in New York City. Including the famed Sky Rink which is the most popular year-round rink in NYC since 1969! I'm enjoying it there so far. I mean we still get some famous faces in there dispite not being an NHL practice facility... Max Pacioretty and Martin St. Louis have been by in the past couple of weeks and the other day Madison Square Garden called my office phone! I enjoy the fit and feel respected and listened to unlike some other super facilities I tried to work at.

Living in Kyle's attic aka the Court Cousins studio also dubbed the Fan Attic. It got hot during the heat wave for sure but it's going ok. My credit is at a lifetime high as are my savings. A plan has formed and hopefully within 6 months or so, action will take place that has me in to at least partial home ownership. As the market comes down and the savings go up I get closer and closer. I know I'm like an adult or whatever yeah?

I've enjoyed my time in Bridgeport so far. I like being close to some family and people I know. Close to som

e major cities, events, and yet still within striking distance of all the New England family and friends I've made over the years.

What else is on the horizon? Who knows... isn't that enough? And hey it's all positive for a change. When is the last time I didn't overshare and had only good news? Let's enjoy this entry...

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