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Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Pichcast. Court Cousins. Lead the charge as The Pich' returns to podcasting!

Yes that's right... Spearheaded by my cousin Kyle's want to start an Orlando Magic themed podcast... I have returned to the mic and now cameras for podcasting fun.

Kyle reached out awhile ago about creating a Magic themed podcast and during a quick visit to Connecticut we did a trial episode. A couple weeks later we did one via Zoom and after 2 episodes of testing we stand ready to launch episode 3 live very soon! Check for more!

Since I was purchasing equipment and redoing my basement to accommodate that show I figured why not bring back my old show. Pichcast ran for awhile with me and family and friends chatting about our history, news, and anything that would come up. We'd play games and have a grand ol time. This new version now has video to accompany the audio so this allows for even more fun!

The first Pichcast can be found here:

Also working on getting it on Apple and Spotify perhaps before you even read this.

Bottom line I'm excited for both of these projects going forward. It's given me a bright light in what has felt like a dark tunnel for awhile now... but for more on that check the first episode of the Pichcast where I dig deep on my depression and how I've been working out of it. But also some fun stuff to as I review the latest ESPN 30 for 30 doc, talk crap about a former Bronco QB, and tribute the late Norm Macdonald amongst much more!

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