My first week in Texas

So I've been asked a lot "How's it going?"

Well here we go. Week 1 in Texas.

I moved out here for a job but also a better way of life so let's start there. So my apartment is a damn gem. I'm so glad I came out here beforehand and scouted areas and looked at apartments. This is such a major score. 2 bedroom, 2 bathrooms, washer-dryer in unit, pool on site, a patio, a ceiling fan in every room, central a/c, storage aplenty including 2 walk-ins closets. I love the place so much but...

It's empty... My stuff has not yet arrived and I'm not pleased. I didn't pack to be without my stuff for this long. I don't have my TV or Playstation, my usual time killers. I only have 2 hats with me if you can believe that! My shirts are limited... I'm sleeping on a yoga mat/blanket/pillow creation (I ordered a mattress for the guest room should be here this week)

In the meantime I've gotten my cable/internet hooked up. Have my bathroom all setup and might I say the bathtub has been a pleasant surprise... so much room in the shower! I bought a plant which I named Earl after my buddy Jay's middle name, and I talk to Rob the raccoon the mascot of the #PichAcrossAmerica journey. I've been slowly stocking the kitchen with grub and such and getting stuff like welcome mats, brooms and mops, and stuff I know isn't coming in the truck. Waiting to get a couch and stuff for the living room until after I see how much space I'm going to have left. I'm really just missing my stuff away from this being very, very solid.

How am I finding Texas? Well I've worked at least a portion of everyday since I got here. So I haven't done a ton out there. But I am finding plenty of restaurants to try. Not everything is open but most things are. Moving during a pandemic has it's challenges. Like how most of the people I've met at work... I've never seen their faces. And I failed to mention in the wrap-up of #PichAcrossAmerica but Nashville for the first time ever when they have a 10 o'clock curfew? Not the best time to visit.

So far I appreciate the Texas way of life. I love that they're proud of Texas. I like that there is a huge mix of people from all over the country here. People have all been friendly and welcoming to me and quick to offer suggestions for food, and other things I should see or do.

At work I feel pretty comfortable and more so as each day rolls on. There are a lot of challenges to opening a new building... let alone one that isn't completely finished yet, but I feel like ice-wise we are rolling out a solid product. I've been surprised at the level of play and amount of players in the area so far. Texas hockey is a thing people and now it's got a better home to grow the game more!

I love that I'm not the "New guy" at work because they've had to hire several new people for a new building. Everyday we seem to get stuff that makes life easier. I'm currently working on implementing some of the many logs just as I'd had at Warrior Ice Arena. I've obviously had to modify them slightly. The hardest part for me has been learning all the new systems. One for scheduling, texting apps, point-of-sale system, new email, plus phone calls and old-school texts... it's a lot to keep up with... but even all that stuff improves with each day.

From the rink standpoint I took to the Olympia Ice Bears pretty quickly. They are older then the machines we had at WIA but they are solid and have been cared for well. The guy who services the machines for us was a pivotal person in my choice to move down here. We had a long conversation about the gig, the people, involved, and the area. It was pretty key in making my decision.

Learning the new compressors/dehumidifiers/etc. Has been a little challenging but yet again gets easier everyday. Often as I see some of the people seeming stressed or overwhelmed I confidently attack every issue and prioritize well. I know that things will improve. Our staff is solid. We will succeed at a high level. The building is cool already and it's really only setup for ice and turf right now... so much more to come. Indoor golf, art studio, taekwando, beach volleyball, a charter school, pickleball courts, the pro-shop with shooting lanes... whoa take a breath... let's just say "etc" to come... Check for more!

Basically it's been a good first week in Texas y'all, and much like at work I know things will get steadily better and better.

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