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State of The Pich' Address 2/22/19

It occurred to me as I starts the 642 Things Project that I haven't checked in since returning from Denver in December… so fist things first...

Denver was AMAZING. The stories from my short time there will last a lifetime. It was an epic time that maybe only I can truly appreciate but from the sounds of others they could at least realize how important it was to me and also enjoy the awesomeness. For pics and more check my Instagram. For stories get them direct from my mouth cause frankly they are better that way.

When I returned there was a bit of a hangover... I mean when you do the thing you wanted to do most in life where do you go from there? I've been thinking since I booked that trip, and late booked a journey for NYC and WrestleMania this April, that I'm doing some bucket list stuff. Up to this very moment let's review some of the biggy's that I've done in just the past year or so...

Made Ice for the Montreal Canadiens (Bonus kicker appearing on the Canadiens Social Media as the Habs fan at the Bruins Practice Facility)

Attended Broncos game in Denver (Bonus Kicker meeting cheerleader and Mascot at random bar and winning Broncos Trivia and a Broncos signed Helmet)

Earning a Platinum Trophy on a PS4 game (No Bonus Kicker... just hard and time consuming)

Attended Adam Carolla show at the Wilbur in Boston (Bonus Kicker meeting him after the show and having him sign my Adam Carolla for President bumper sticker)

With those 3 in the bag and several other little ones like first trips to Ikea and Fenway for a non-baseball event I've been on fire lately. I've actually had to start a new Bucket List. I might bring it to the site soon...

Anywho things have been mostly well for me. With the trips to NYC for all of WrestleMania weekend (story to come as it gets closer) and NARCE booked for Buffalo in May it's nice to have somethings to look forward to. Also the high school regular season is finally over which always excites me.

Dating has stopped the over and over cycle of first and maybe second dates, and recently gone in to a full month of seeing the same person. I know right? More to come as that develops. No need to book a wedding venue yet everybody, but it was nice to have a Valentine's Day date for the first time in like six years? I don't know I can't actually recall.

I have sworn to not re-sign our lease again next year. As much as I like living this close to work I'd rather have a nicer apartment. Also heard the same from the roommates so that gives me the summer to search and figure out where is next. I'm not against a bit of a commute to have a nicer pad. Time will tell. It's early.

Work continues to go very well. We have been expanding parts of what we do and improving in as many facets as we can. It's fun to be a part of. Lately in an effort to step-up our social media I've had a lot of input with ideas and filming segments. Aside from shorts for Hockey Week in America we also have a "Day in the life" video featuring me from starting at home to over 12-hours later when the work was through on 2/20/19. Look for that soon. and much... much more. I wish I had more time to focus on some of the ideas and dreams that we have for the place. I think when people see the "day in the life" they will get a feel for all of the different things I can do during a day. From Skating with Bruins Alumni to sharpening skates, Ice maintenance, to garbage duties, hamming it up with the staff to managing the squad. Office work to scrubbing work... and I top it all off with some free cake...

I'm excited to be back writing and doing creative stuff, and with the trips coming up, and dating going well, this is probably the happiest I've been in February in years! Like I said in the year in review post.. I do wonder how things would have been different right now if I had moved back to Milwaukee, but no regrets. If I were there I'd be wondering the same of here.

I'm going to close here because I want to save some time to get in another writing of the 642 Things Project before bed. Bottom line things are trending up and all things Pich' are good in the hood right now!


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