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Intro to 642 Things to Write About

Truth be told I needed something for awhile. I need an outlet for my creativity. I miss the days of creating tv shows, party nights with friends, a radio show, stand-up comedy... the list goes on.

Recently while scrambling for last second Valentine's Day gift, I stumbled upon the perfect gift for her right next to what I think might be the perfect gift for me. So I purchased this book with the intent of writing about each thing in it.

I'd like to average at least one post a day, but allowing room to do 2 or more per day time allowing. While quickly flipping through I saw some that are intended to be short, some that are similar topics, and much more. I want to feel encouraged to write rather than forced to.

I'm excited to enter this journey and hopefully some time in the summer or fall of 2020 I'll have finished the book in a way only I can. With stories, tales and creations from me. I intend to share them here by attaching the 642: Thing #1 and so on.

So without further ado...

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