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642 Things Project: Thing #1 & #2

For what the heck is going on here... see earlier post about 642 Things to Write About

Thing #1

"What can happen in a second"

In a second a person can fall in love. Breathe in and out. Hit a game winning shot. Win a million dollars. Make a life. End one. You could fart, laugh and spit your drink across the room. Although altogether that might take 2 or 3 seconds...

But you know what else happens in a second? Not a first place finish. Second is the first loser. Being 2nd spurs you towards working harder to become 1st.

Let us not forget the career of one John Albert Elway Jr. expectations were high for John... a mile high, but he rose to the occasion leading countless comebacks and taking the Denver Broncos to 3 Super Bowls in 4 years. Only to get blown out every time. Years later as John returned to the Super Bowl in his twilight years he ran head first in to tacklers and did everything possible to lead this team to their first Super Bowl win in the 32nd edition by defeating the Green Bay Packers. I remembered watching it and not believing that they had won until the final second ticked off.

Later I thought how much it meant to those who had always come up short to finally win. It's what drives us. So every second we spend goes towards that goal. Whatever it is...

What can happen in a second? Anything. And the great thing is... there are 60 of them every minute.


Thing #2

"The worst Thanksgiving dish you ever had"

It was time to eat. I'd had a busy day of opening the rink for a team that never showed and then returning to my house to clean, fix, and paint the bathroom. I settled down in front of the football game in the living room.

Our apartment was eerily quiet. Our neighborhood is mostly transplants in town for college or work. I felt like the only one home on our entire block. I unwrapped a turkey sandwich I had bought the day before. It was a 7-11 beauty.

Truth be told the 7-11 pre-wrapped sandwiches are amongst the best in their field. This one was past it's prime though, but still I prepared to eat this sandwich with a side of nacho cheese Doritos. As the sandwich unwrapped past it's prime lettuce sogged out from the side of the bread... as I audibly said, "yuck" the sandwich fell from the tight wrapping and on to the floor.

It's important to note to lack of cleanliness around our apartment. Shoes often worn around.. at this point we didn't own a mop or Swiffer. We were mere months from a mice infestation that would change all of our lives...

So the sandwich hits the ground and I quickly snatch it up because of course 5-second rule... although our apartment really should adhere to a zero-second rule. I examine the sandwich and pull off a hair and then realize that with places closed and this being my only option that it's time to eat it anyway.

It was life changing because I needed sustenance and it delivered. But it lacked in flavor and cleanliness and shouldn't have been eaten. I'll never forget the worst Thanksgiving dish I'd ever had... but I have had that same sandwich since then. It was fresh and had less floor on it. Bottom line: 7-11 pre-wrapped sandwiches always deliver sustenance and can also deliver good flavor if they are fresh and not dropped on the floor of 61 Royal St. Unit 1.


642 Things Thoughts of the Day:

Odd start... weird topics but I mean that's the point. I feel like they get tougher as the book goes on. Or at least require longer answers. This was a decent way to kick it off. I feel that as I go forward and rediscover my voice that things will improve. I always yearn to entertain but sometimes the entertainment is not just jokes but also a way I see things and how I describe them. Looking forward to continuing the journey. 2 down. 640 to go!

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