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39 Years of Me. An average little Sunday

On April 29th 1979 at 12:12pm I was born. Over the years I've had a lot of fun on my birthday. I've been to wrestling events, been on vacation, been to baseball games, had parties... I've also been broken up with, and had going-away parties. I've celebrated my birthday in Vermont, Canada, Wisconsin, New Hampshire, Florida, and Massachusetts. I've had a lot of stuff happen on my birthdays. So this year's having nothing was ok by me.

Saturday I worked and had to endure a second round Bruins win (gross) and then also the Celtics defeating my beloved Bucks in a game 7... so when I met up with a gal I've been seeing it shouldn't have come as a surprise that I was in the shadows of Fenway Park. It was a day that tested me. A younger version of me might have been in Boston to burn it down, but now here I was across the street from the home of the Red Sox as the clock struck midnight and I was stuffed in to bar sweating and trying not to step on small people.

I equated the odd start to the day to be about as odd as life. You never know where you'll end up. I always say life is dumb, but it's always tolerable because I can make the best of anything.

Today I slept til noon. Ordered food. Watched the NBA and NHL Playoffs. Cleaned my room. Paid some bills. Ordered stuff online and in general caught up on stuff while even catching a nap so late in the day I slept through a date I was supposed to have.

Part of me feels like I left some fun on the table but after the earlier part of the week (see the post about the NEISMA Conference) I just needed a day off to veg and catch up on stuff. So other than my phone blowing up with well wishes and a 45 minutes conversation with my dad (which might have been a record for us) it was a regular Sunday. And that's ok by me. 39 isn't a landmark one really... next year for 40 I'll do something special... hopefully.

Thanks to all who reached out with well wishes. God knows I'm horrible about remembering that stuff so I appreciate the love.

#Birthday #April29

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