State of The Pich' Address

Since bringing back the website on Memorial Day weekend, a traditional State of The Pich Address has been long overdue. This was the title I'd use for basically getting folks up to speed on what's up with me. Sort of a FAQ session mixed with some personal writing therapy that almost always leads to my Mother throwing her yellow flag in the air and giving me a 15 yard penalty for over-sharing. Quite often The State of The Pich' Address has featured news on the actual physical state of my actual address. With all the moves over the last 10 years that makes sense, but this is not one of those. It is however my first address of the new era of the website and the first ever in Boston. Who'd have thunk it?

Things have slowed on the site since the H.S. reunion/farewell to Piche Campus articles. I think after those two pretty heavy memory filled pieces I needed to step back for a bit. I was amazed at the outpouring of support from people I thought would never read the articles. It was nice to get some feedback because it's felt like I've only been writing for me for the past few months. Soon a few more big ones are coming. This one is obviously big (you'll see) and then my 1-year anniversary at Warrior Ice Arena is coming up so I've got stuff on that. Then in early September I return to Wisconsin which will have a huge piece before, fun coverage during, and a mega wrap-up after.

The basis for this Address is that I want to make it clear that my life is not nearly as exciting as my Instagram, Facebook, and this site might make it out to be. That's right... I've been catfishing everyone. I think we all do this to a certain degree. I always have kind of done this, maybe sub-consciously, hoping people think I'm doing ok or well. I'm lucky enough to have people who actually give a shit about me from coast-to-coast and I like them seeing the fun I have. But to be honest for every open-mouthed selfie somewhere cool is 23 more hours of boredom in an average day. Maybe that's everyone's life... I don't know. But I do know this...

I'm bored and I'm lonely.

I haven't made any friends the way I have in past stops to Milwaukee and the NH and greater Lowell area. It seems everyone I meet is too young and out of my demographic. I've tried to connect with people in a variety of ways, but plain and simple I need running mates to do stuff with or I'll just sit home. I force myself out to do stuff including going to a movie by myself for the first time ever in my life! I even sometimes just go for a drive or walk just to do something. I have hung with my roommates a bit, and it's not to say I haven't met some nice folks, and also some bad ones I don't want to befriend (like anyone who bought their kid a "Free Brady" t-shirt), but just none of those "will you be in my wedding" type of relationships have emerged. At one point... ok still at this point.. I thought about creating an ad for myself to find friends: "Tall, funny, dude. Free to be a friend to you and yours. Excels at board games, talking sports or wrestling, and is up to try new stuff and meet new folks. Will make dad jokes, hashtag words in text conversations, and demand that he run the Mad Lib to increase the comedic value. But he's a hell of a guy and you won't hate yourself for inviting Jason Piche in to your life! (References available at request)" Or something like that... I've tried dating a bunch as a way to get out and have dinner at a restaurant because no matter what happened that day with the movie theater, I won't go eat at a restaurant alone. Usually though the date is just that. A date. I'm not really looking for my 1st wife. I'm looking for a friend. Not to say I'm not going to still give dating a fair shake but I'm still looking for the people who are like "What are you doing this weekend?" and then actually have an option for me to glom on to. I mean shit maybe one of the girl I date will take me down that road but time will tell. I'm tired of all the efforts I've put in... joined a crappy softball league played twice, constantly missing chances to hang with people due to a difference in schedules, joined a neighborhood forum to look for stuff to do, etc. And what happened to all the visitors? Danielle and Aaron aside, who have both made multiple trips to the area. It always seemed people came to visit Boston... especially during the summer. I've crossed paths with a few for sure but not as many as I would have figured. I mean... It's baseball season... I can see Fenway's lights on when I close at work most nights... I used to hit 1 or 2 games a season when I lived in Vermont and I'm not even a Sox fan. Now I could drive to the stadium in less than 5 minutes and I still haven't gone... this might be on me because I will go to games alone as my rich history can tell you... I don't know I guess I'm just missing something.

Well that was a long ass paragraph. So I just decided to switch topics so it doesn't go on even longer. But needless to say I'm not wild about my lack of social life here in Boston, but I haven't given up hope yet.

On the plus side I really like my job. I don't want to go in to it too much with a huge piece coming soon to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of my hiring. However I'll say that the reason I moved down here continues to be the reason I'll re-sign a lease soon for another year, and I'll leave the rest for later.

So what have I been doing with all of my free time? I've watched a lot of Netflix and Hulu. Also the package as discussed in my blog. I joined after the all-star break and it's been great to keep up with the Nats and Brewers. Creating this website was a great spot for me to drop some of my creativity needs, but I always want more. I think until my site really blows up with videos, podcasts, and regular content often, I'll never be done trying to add stuff or do more. I wish I had another person to collaborate with on ideas, or a podcast. Trying to drum people up has led to frustrating feelings for me. I joined a group to discuss pod-casting but they all seemed centered around political stuff which just makes me want...ZZZZZZZ Trump is president. America's system failed you. Deal with it. In a few years you can try again. We can't always get what we want. People should have learned that a long time ago! Damn it's hard to agree with all these whining people because I hate them, but they have a point. OK end sidebar rant.

I enjoy where I live. I love being within walking distance to work. My roommates are cool, a little dirty, but really chill... so that's solid. I wish I had either a bigger room or a smaller bed. My room feels cramped. I often joke my room is 75% bed but it's really not that far off from being true and honestly I'm not in love with it, but there is no better way to configure it with my current bed size. I'm a man of simple means. Give me Internet access, a place to plug-in my devices, a quiet place to sleep, a spot in the fridge for the 3 items I have... I think my low-maintenance lifestyle is unique for a 38-year-old dude. I mean I've lived in way worse places, I've fed myself on PB&Js for weeks... my life has been worse at times so I always remember that I've got it good even when I lament at the growing number of hot-tubs in my friends establishments. I think I probably should be doing what I'm doing now, outside of work, when I was in my 20's but I mostly used those up being a townie in Vermont. Oh well.

I have learned that I come last. And by that I mean that I will do anything for work, or for a potential date or friend, but when it comes to stuff I need, I put it off. I need to make a grocery run for stuff I need and some times I put it off for like a week. And I work next to a grocery store... just so you are clear on the level of pathetic-ness we've got here. I get lazy with myself and my needs often. I have always excelled better with a squad or some people around me. As evidenced in my previous writings. I think this might be the best way I've ever put it in to words, but this is why my friends mean so much to me. They are a motivator. A reason to keep that beard trimmed and outfit matching. An ear to talk to or voice to listen to. A running mate for food ventures, outings, and good damn times.

There was always a part of me that thought that for those who didn't get out of Vermont that I am sort of out here on their behalf. Having the adventures while they have the relationships, kids, homes and whatnot. But I don't want anyone to think it's all fun and games for this guy. Sure my biggest daily struggle is "what am I gonna feed myself today." but then again... my biggest struggle is "what am I gonna feed myself today?" It gets old, but I'll continue to open-mouth selfie game until someone else cares to join me in photo fun. I'll keep making it look like I'm killing it, even on days when it's killing me. Just remember that a picture says a thousand words, but an Instagram caption is usually about only about 25 of them.

(Feel free to spread that last line around... I mean it's damn good. Please quote me on it... Maybe write it on a bathroom stall somewhere where a drunk person can read it, nod, and think "damn that's true." Then they'll take a picture of that and put it on their Instagram and it will be this dope time-space-continuum thing. And then one day when you get a folksy sign with that quote painted on it from your step-son for Christmas you can be like "I know the guy who said that" and the kid can roll his eyes and ask you if you still listen to music on your iPod Nano)

See I told ya... I'm bored and lonely.

So after writing this a few days ago again I think it stands alone. I edited just a tad. But I also wanted to add that if anyone is coming to Boston, or knows some people down here... bridge the gap, and help a dude out. I don't like that this address read as a sad, but funny and real account of where I'm at. But quite simply it's true. I have faith that good things will come, and for some of them I'll have to get out there and find them. Just a little angry and disappointed that I haven't met those go-to peeps yet, but I will.

Lastly I'm not suggesting you start your own name .com and publicly share your life story, but I do think everyone needs to take stock of themselves every so often to make sure you're happy, or on your way to being happy. It just so happens I like to share some of mine with folks. I think this is a way of putting it out there so I can keep myself honest and others maybe can help me with that to.

#StateofThePichAddress #BoredandLonely

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