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Colin Kaepernick. Why are we still talking about this guy as an NFL player?

Never have I been more sick of hearing about a lame QB and where he could sign and "why won't anyone sign him?" That's right. Colin Kaepernick has surpassed the former Tebow-mania.


Kap the football player, is garbage.

Teams want to hire good players that can make their teams better. As Kap's skills diminished he started to become this polarizing figure because of his choice to sit during the anthem, but what is lost... is that he's not a good player anymore. He was good. He had teams number for awhile then teams caught up with how to stop him, his skills started to nose dive and at this point I wouldn't want the guy managing my free fantasy football team let alone and actual NFL team.

He shouldn't play in the NFL again unless a huge amount of QBs go down with injury. Let's stop making this a story. Who cares what happens to a possible 3rd string QB? I'm not knocking Kap the man here.... I'm knocking the player who overthrew receivers so badly he struck coaches in the face or missed so wildly he surprised a guy drinking Gatorade on the bench.

It's like this... let's say a guy is a shoe salesmen. At let's say an Olympia Sports. He at one point early on in his career, is the runner-up for the sales crown but soon after he often comes in and is lucky to sell pack of socks or a bottle of foot powder. While selling practically nothing he gets in an argument with another female employee who he was sleeping with and cheating on her with a girl from the Spencer's Gifts. The next week when he's let go, people don't wonder if Foot Locker is thinking about having him in for an interview. Months later, people don't lose a second thought about how the Adidas Outlet really ought to give this guy some Tuesday afternoon shifts. He's washed up, and he has controversy around him. The shoe game passed him by. Instead he should seek out the Sox Market or find another thing to try. It's not worth another shoe place giving him a shot until he redeems himself at Kohl's first. (For this example assume the CFL or AFL is Kohl's)

When your skills aren't that nice and you bring possible controversy why would any team risk bringing you in for headaches without a pay off? Why is this still a story???

Hey Colin, please officially retire and end this. At this point I dislike you more for clogging the sports world with constant stories, and wonderment rather than sitting disrespectfully for our National Anthem. There are right and wrong ways to protest good sir. That wasn't one of them. I know you do good things off the field and seem like a stand-up guy, ironically. So why don't you use your other talents and enjoy early retirement. Heard you were once a baseball prodigy... why not join your boy Tim Tebow in minor league ball? Then in the off-season for a speaking tour about how you guys peaked early in football and are now pressing forward with life after football. There's no shame in realizing when the game has passed you by... but there is shame in sitting by the phone waiting for some team to call you to give you a shot at being the emergency quarterback.

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