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MLB.TV it's amazing!

So after watching the All-Star game earlier this month I decided to invest in the offer to get at-bat for the rest of the season for $40. In the first week alone I decided it was VERY worth it.

Without cable in my room I'm relegated to Hulu and Netflix and don't get me wrong there is more than enough there but I miss watching live sports. Getting this has made things so much better. While usually my teams, the Nationals and the Brewers, play games and I just see final scores... I can now watch every game.

Now look I'll be the first to admit that baseball isn't excitement central all the time. But it's a great thing to have on while you do other stuff. So even when the Nats or Brewers have been off or done for the day I've been watching other games. Now at next year's All-Star game I'll know who all those bums are!

In the first series I watched the Nats on MASN dominate the Reds while the Brewers on FSN-Wisconsin made short work of the Phillies. Later I'd catch night games and watch walk-off HR's in San Diego and Oakland.

Miss something when you go to the bathroom? No problem the game is recorded like it would be on a DVR except for the fact that it has moments when there are hits or scoring plays highlighted so they are easy to find.

SO speaking of the above I was bummed when I realized that the Nats were hosting the Brewers and I couldn't watch because I'm closing each night they play but... I simply get home, select the game and I'm currently watching game 2 of their series as I write this.

Oh did I mention when you select a game you can choose to watch the coverage of either team? You can even patch in to the radio broadcast if you prefer.

Before I often just relied on stats, and highlight shows for my baseball info. Now I'm gathering it myself and I love it. And for the price I couldn't see not doing it again in future seasons... especially since I don't plan on living in range of D.C. or Milwaukee any time soon. Which bring me to the one draw back. It black out your local game. Therefore I can't see Red Sox games because in theory I could go watch NESN in the living room.. which I probably won't do. It kind of stinks because I'd like to keep an eye on my neighbors too. I mean if I'll watch Padres vs. Giants why the hell wouldn't I look in at Sox Vs. Yanks?

Regardless of that last fact it works well for me because I can see my teams every game if I so wish. And not only does that cost cover me for through my PS4 on my TV but it also works on any computer I sign in on or even my phone! Technology!

I couldn't recommend it enough. Baseball is America's past time and what better thing to have on n the background of your summer than some baseball? Watch your team, watch your friend's team, watch two teams you've never seen. It's a must for baseball fans and even non-super fans will appreciate the options and availability this package provides.

I give it a 4.5 out 5 only not going 5 for 5 due to the local games being blacked out.

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