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Great Balls of Fire - WWE PPV Wreview

Well it's time for the one of the worst named Wrestling events of all times. Great Balls of Fire. Why? Just Why? Regardless here we go....

Going to keep track of my predictions as I go this time. Please note that I usually try to pick who I think is going to win and not who I want to. I'll separate the 2 before the match wrap-up.

Bray Wyatt vs. Seth Rollins

Prediction: Seth clean

What I'd like: Bray goes to a dark place and wins somehow

Interesting match to start the show. I'm glad cause we can get it out of the way early. These are two guys that have entertained me in the past but have gotten stale. Also noticing the PPV stage is the same as it would be for Raw or SD. I miss the old days with a unique set for each one. Somehow I thought they had something more in mind if they were going to go with such a silly name for the PPV.

Decent match with Bray dominating early but then they exchange and eventually Bray used a thumb to the eye to gain advantage to hit Sister Abigail. Cause if it was good enough for the Cruiserweight division at Wrestlemania you can repeat that finish 3 months later in the another opening match at a PPV.

Sadly thia isn't dark place I wanted Bray to go to for the win. But whatever.

Enzo Amore vs. Big Cass

Prediction: Big Cass clean

What I'd like: Big Cass clean

This match had a good build up. Fun heel turn. Hopefully this launches Cass forward. I love Enzo, he is one of the best talkers in the game right now, but Enzo doesn't need this win to get over. Cass needs to prove he's going to be a dominant big man going forward. Should be fun to watch him work a match as a heel for the first time.

Too much chatter from Enzo prematch... seems like more of a Raw thing. PPV's should be more about the matches than another similar "can't keep me down" promo.

Big Cass dominates the match. A gorilla press to the outside. Enzo beats the 10 count but then Cass hits him with a big boot and it's over.

30-Minute Ironman Match for the Raw Tag Team Titles

Sheamus & Cesaro vs. The Hardy Boyz

Prediction: Sheamus & Cesaro

What I'd Like: Hardy Boyz... I guess... I'd like to see them feud with the Revival

Match starts with Cesaro coming in to distract Matt and Sheamus scoring with a Brogue Kick and a pinfall. 30 seconds in, it's 1-0 Champs. Then after the first ten a tandem move by S&C scores a pinfall over Jeff Hardy and it's 2-0 Champs.

3 minutes later the Hardys bounce back with a run on Cesaro ending with the Twist of Fate for the pinfall. 2-1 Champs.With 13 minutes left the Champs score a count-out as a fall to take a 3-1 lead. At the 7 minutes remaining mark, Jeff scores a fall for the Hardys. 3-2 Champs..

A top rope Twist of Fate from Matt on Sheamus ties it with 3 minutes to go! Cesaro snuck in to score a fall on Jeff after Jeff hit a swanton bomb. THen Cesaro ran around the ring but got caught... but time ran out as the Hardys covered. 4-3 win for the champs. A pretty solid match with a fun ending. Nice job by two of the better tag teams in the game today, and honestly 2 of the best of all-time,

Raw Womens Championship

Alexa Bliss vs. Sasha Banks

Prediction: Alexa retains somehow

What I'd Like: Alexa wins clean

Going in this just has a feel of the first match of a series of matches. I'll bet they feud until Summerslam.

A solid match ends when Alexa is counted out in a great way to keep her title. Then afterwards Sasha chasing a leaving Alexa and they end up on the announce table. Bliss gets knocked down to the arena floor but on her feet. Sasha comes off with the double knees driving her down. Looked like Alexa might have gotten hurt for real but a cool spot. This rivalry is just beginning...

Intercontinental Championship

The Miz vs. Dean Ambrose

Prediction: The Miz with help

What I'd Like: The Miz with help, build the Miztourage's heat

Ok... this again... they fought. Miztourage interfered a lot. Miz wins. Please move on from this rivalry WWE. PLEASE!

Ambulance Match

Braun Strowman vs. Roman Reigns

Prediction: Roman Reigns

What I'd Like: Braun wins clean

Neither man will be hurt regardless of the finish. But I'm sure this will have some huge spots... it has too... this rivalry has had tons of them along the way, and the payoff needs to be of like amazement. Should be a fun match...

Roman misses a spear and flies in to the Ambulance and Strowman closes the doors. Earlier in the match a cool spot with Braun going through the LED board on stage. After the match Reigns comes out and gets the upper hand. He puts Strowman in the ambulance and drives backstage. Then he backs full speed in to a parked trailer. Seemingly crushing Strowman in back... they laughingly try to get inside it while Curt Hawkins and then Heath Slater start a match in the ring?

Heath Slater vs. Curt Hawkins

Prediction: Heath?

What I'd Like: Why is this happening?

So Heath wins the match while they show stuff going on backstage with the ambulance. Pretty rude to throw 2 guys out there for such a match when they are just filling before the main event and showing stuff backstage. I feel bad for Curt and Heath but we barely saw the match. Strowman emerges from the wreckage crawling, bleeding, refusing medical assistance. He limps away off camera. Bottom line: Roman is a sore loser.

Raw Championship

Brock Lesnar vs. Samoa Joe

Prediction: Brock wins

What I'd Like: Brock wins

All I'm told is that this is a dream match, but not for me. his was never on my radar before but to be fair they made me care about this as the lead up as gone along.

Samoa Joe attacks Brock before the bell including the Rock Bottom, which is now called a yurinagi, through the ringside announce table. Brock goes back in the ring and says he's ready to start the match. Joe dominates most of the match with a brief trip to Suplex City. Joe tries to wear down Brock with the sleeper but Brock survives. At one point Joe has the "clutch" on and Brock is holding the rope but the ref doesn't have him break the hold. No matter... Brock powers up Joe hits an F5 and wins. Pretty quick match.

Pretty solid effort overall from the Raw brand. Great to see a big fight feel to the main event for the title and also a lot of good supporting matches like the tag match and Roman/Strowman along the way. I think if they would have had mixed up Seth/Bray and Dean/Miz it would have been even better. As it was Finn Balor was regulated to the pre-show so I never saw him. He would be better served feuding with Bray or going for the IC. Also the Cruiserweight match was on the pre-show which they at least showed highlights of but would have had been a nice addition to this card. However this has been one of the best Raw only PPVs since the split and hopefully they keep that momentum going in to Summerslam.

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