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Better Call Saul - TV Review

I recently caught up on the 2 seasons of Better Call Saul on Netflix. A 3rd has taken place on AMC. It's a prequel to the life of Saul Goodman who people know from Breaking Bad, however he's known as Jimmy McGill in the show as it appears that even after 2 seasons he still has't become Saul.

If you loved Breaking Bad you'll enjoy this one as well. The same creators are behind this and it shows in character development. There is less murder than Breaking Bad but still solid drama. And also "handyman" ex-cop Mike Ehrmantraut, also from Breaking Bad, has his back story told and along the way it weaves in to Jimmy's story-line.

Hard to say too much more without giving it away but if you need a short-series binge now is the time to catch up on Better Call Saul. It's a must for hardcore BB fans and even those unfamiliar with that series will enjoy the drama, and comedy along the way. Bob Odenkirk is awesome as Jimmy and he wins you over much like he wins over elderly folks in the show.

4 out of 5 stars. Better Watch Saul!

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