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Wrestling Wreview July 4th & 5th


Cena leads off the show speaking about how he loves America and he's back, and isn't a part timer, but he is a free agent. Which as it sounds allows him to challenge on either show. Not sure why they are allowing this but I guess the WWE does whatever for John even though we've all Cena nuff.

Low and behold out comes Rusev. He looks slimmer and trimmer but I'm pissed. It seems he has the same gimmick and is challenging Cena on his big return night? Not wise. What a waste of Rusev who should be among the top heels on SD. So the idea of a flag match is brought up and on July 4th what better idea could they have? Well Rusev denies the challenge but you just have to figure Bryan or Shane get in and make this match the main event for the night right? Nope. Later on we are told the match will take place at the Battleground PPV for some reason... what a waste of a match. I already can't wait for that one to be over with.

Next up Bryan informs Gable and AJ that they will have to have a match and the winner gets in the Independence Battle Royal later to earn the U.S. TItle shot at Battleground. AJ and Gable have a solid match (MATCH OF THE NIGHT). And AJ wins much to no ones surprise.

Next Carmella comes out with James Ellsworth for a Carmellabration. She gloats, and it's awesome and then Naomi interrupts and hold up! Her belt is hooked up! It's glowing! What has been the delay on this? She talks some stuff and then introduces Daniel Bryan.

Bryan tells Ellsworth he is fined, kicked out, and suspended without pay and if he doesn't leave immediately that he will strip Carmella of her briefcase. So they beat feet out of there and out comes Lana for her 3rd title match. The match is over in seconds and I'm not sure why they bothered. Oddly Tamina comes out after and encourages Lana to get up and walks out with her. Weird...

Next up is the Rap Battle between The Usos and The New Day. It's hosted by Wale which is pronounced Wall-eh. Not sure who this fella is but he's rocking a NWO Wolfpac t-shirt and it's good to see Lex Luger, and Konnan once again. Anywho... both teams come out and are joined by a bunch of other guys for some reason. During the battle The Usos got off the bomb about how they are keeping things PG unlike their boy Xavier Woods R rated material which is in reference to pics that were leaked a while back of Woods going Up, Up, Down, Down on a certain diva. Then later Kofi tries to make a great stop sign reference but calls it a hexagon... 8 sides on a stop sign there B.C. grad... get your crap together. The Usos even mention how lame it is that Kofi used to be from Jamaica but isn't anymore. New Day's best retort was that they weren't relevant until his wife put him on Total Divas. The Usos had better stuff but after Xavier fires his comments the Usos shove them and things breakdown as Wale disqualifies the champs and declares The New Day the winners.

Next Adian English is in the ring about to sing. Orton interrupts and then Adian asks Orton if he's done because he wasn't. He attacks Orton from behind and dominates for a few minutes while at commercial before Orton rises up and starts to snap. He wrecks English with the stairs and the ref DQ's him. He brings English in the ring for an RKO and afterwards out comes Jinder. Blah blah blah end of segment.

Next we see Tyler Breeze out back dressed as Tenae Young interviewing Tye Dillinger out back. Awkward that Breeze has to dress up all the time to get over but whatever. In the background Fandango is pure gold dressed as a construction worker. Then we see Mike and Maria being interviewed but the sound of pipes falling distracts them and it's Sami Zayn stretching. He apologizes and comes over to chat and his music hits while he's talking. This overly chatty Zayn is a fun side of his personality. Clearly since he has pissed off Mike twice now he has to be in his cross-hairs.

So it's main event time and it's the Independence Battle Royal for a shot at Kevin Owens U.S. Title. KO is out on commentary which is awesome. It's a pretty good battle royal a near the end Zack Ryder is tossed out surprisingly by his boy Mojo Rawley. Then Mojo is knocked out too. Might be the end of those guys being Hype Bros. The final 3 are Tye Dillenger (the wild card) Sami Zayn (the underdog) and AJ Styles (The favored) Either way the fans would like this winner. Nice choice for the final group.

The Perfect Ten is out first after a strong run. Then it's down to 2 and AJ knocks out Sami for the W. AJ vs. Owens for Battleground as it's shaping up to be an interesting PPV card.


The show leads off with promo for the NXT title match between Roderick Strong and Bobby Roode. Then in the ring for the first match.

Kassius Ohno comes to the ring and I love that he's wearing Orlando Magic themed gear, but again... the tights... come on brother. I don't try wearing medium shirts for the same reason you need new cuts on those trunks brother.

Hideo Itami comes out to partner with Ohno and soon after Wolff and Dane come out repping Sanity. DUring the match it appears there is still beef from Itami towards Ohno. It ends up costing them as Sanity gets the win.

Then it was segment time. We are told Gargano will be back next week. The Iconic Duo cuts a promo and then Almas is seen in the background with Thea Trinidad! I'm excited to see her because she is my favorite TNA Diva of all-time. The segment did little to tell us what role she will play and she was really just yelling at CIen in the background. We also hear from McIntyre who says he'll be in the next title match.

Then we are shown a few clips from a Mae Young Classic qualifier in which some girl with a long pony tail braided beat Aliyah for a spot. I mean if they aren't letting Aliyah in the 32-women tournament she might as well retire now... shit.

Main event time and it seems early but it's good because it means we will see a nice long match. Roderick out first and then the champ. They show Roderick's mom and wife ringside and they show them often. They mention a ton about Roderick's family and doing it for them... like does the dude need money? Why keep pushing that? I'll say this, Strong doesn't have much of a character but his in-ring skills make him over no matter what.

The match is solid but I can't help but feel like Strong will be lucky if he ever rises to 205 Live fame... which seems unfitting for a man of his talents but at only 200lbs I doubt he ever gets a solid run anywhere else but 205. Basically see what they did with Austin Aries who is the greatest man alive and carries a pocket banana.

Late in the match there is a great false finish with Strong getting the pin but Roode's leg is under the ropes and as the ref restarts the match Roode capitalizes. Some damn fun spots in this one and after a Glorious DDT on the outside it's just one more in-ring away from a Roode retention. An awesome match that was easily the match of the week. Only ruined by the yelling and over-the-top garbage play-by-play of Mauro.

Time to take it home with a 3 count from 205 Live...

1. Titus O'neil was solid in the opening segment but it was weird that he was the mouthpiece for Tozawa but clearly he can't speak for himself while he's overseas... and we wouldn't understand it if it did anyway.

2. Gallagher vs. Nese happened... further setup for a match with Brian Kendrick who appeared after to talk crap about not so Great Britain.

3. TJP vs. Swan was a solid damn match. Weird ending but the 3rd best match of the week behind only the NXT Title match and Gable vs. AJ. 205 Live has some great workers and this was another solid showing from these 2 men.

Hit my music! Another Wreview in the books for The Man, The Myth, and the Legend!

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