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How I Met Your Mother - Finale thoughts, alt ending, and how I'm like all of the fellas combined

SO I recently re-watched the entire series of How I Met Your Mother on Netflix. I felt much the same way I did after watching it the first time when it aired on tv. So I have many points to make here but first things first.

Warning: spoilers so if you haven't caught up yet, too bad.

So it's 9 seasons of show about how he meets the mother and the show is so well written especially the final couple of seasons tying things together but they always sort of pushed Robin and Ted on us yet were selling us Robin and Barney's wedding. They have us care about Tracy as she comes in to the group and with a series of flashbacks and forward. This is the girl Ted waxed on poetically for 9 seasons about. We're invested. Then the writers undid all of the good they had done in the final episodes. They have Barney and Robin get divorced, and in what is one of the biggest swerves in all of entertainment history the kill off Tracy and get Ted being told by his kids that after 6 years since Mom died that they he has their blessing to date Aunt Robin. Like what the hell! Not even a commercial break to get over the person who was the focal point of the story? I attached the final scene here so you can judge for yourself.

In the research to find that video I discovered I'm not alone in many thinking it was among the worst finales off all-time. I mean even though Robin was from Canada I was over the idea of her and Ted a long time ago. Although in rewatching it I did notice they hinted of Tracy's death in one of the final episodes, but without knowing she dies you kind of wonder why that makes Ted so upset at the time. It's gets hard to keep track of the modern day, and flashbacks, and flash forwards.

I found an alternate ending which is much better and basically takes elements from the actual aired show and adds a better, less death-laden spin to them. I wish the show would have ended like this...

So anyway why have I always been mad about the shows actual ending? Why am I so wrapped up in the story? Well everything you read from me goes through my head in Bob Saget's voice. I realized as I watched the show that not only am I Ted, but I'm also equal parts Marshall and Barney.

I'm Marshall because I'm tall, I lived in the Midwest, he refers to himself as "the kid", has a pension for fudge, his go-to dance move is the robot, and he's super faithful whilst remaining goofy.

I'm Barney because I seek fun, want to hit on every girl (though I rarely do), say awesome things like "that's the dream," and always encourages others to read his blog.

I'm Ted because I'm a story-teller. I've always wondered how long it will take me to tell a similar story to my kids one day. I'm Ted because I'm a hopeless romantic. Constantly being positive and yet constantly being struck down in the happily-ever-after department. I am that guy that would steal a blue French Horn. In fact a lot of the romantic gestures I've made like that over the years have gone unappreciated. Yup. I said it.

However also like Ted I know that someday I'll find that girl with the yellow umbrella. I might have already made her acquaintance or just missed her. I have faith. And if not, the writers can always just push Danielle and I together in the final scene. I mean that's what those deals when you hit a certain age and are still single are made for right?

So in conclusion we went on a roller coaster ride with the show and it was great. As bad as the finale was, the journey to it was Legen... wait for it... dary. If you aren't familiar with the series go get yourself familiar. You won't hate yourself for doing so.

#HIMYM #HowIMetYourMother

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