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America is cool too... sort of. Pros and Cons of the USA

Well I gave a ton of props to Canada the other day and therefore it only felt fair to give some props to the USA on it's birthday too because *sigh I'm actually American. But America has stuff that's great about it too. Although I felt instead of simply putting up verbal fireworks for America I also have to keep it real. Thus lets do a Pros and Cons list for the U.S.A.

Pro - Freedom reigns! When you hear of the lack of Freedom in other countries it makes you sad... then glad that you can speak your mind, and generally do what you want.

Con - When it reigns, it pours. Many Americans have so much pride yet don't know the history behind what got us to 50 stars and 13 bars. They assume the 50 stars came from Hollywood and the bars serve Budweiser. Honestly some people's overly -patriotic spirit makes me gag. But honestly we are one of the only countries that makes boxer shorts, shirts, sunglasses, hats, you name it with the American Flag on it. I mean I'm the same way about the teams I follow so I get it, and trust me I love a USA themed bikini way more than the next guy (From the Canada post.. I never mentioned that while Poland, Russia, and Canada are my rankings of the top 3 countries with the hottest women... USA is a solid #4) However there comes a point where we are disrespecting our on flag... think about that the next time you wipe before pulling up your USA drawers!

Pro - It was intended to be a melting pot. When you start a new country you have to take some people from everywhere. Get the best of what other cultures are and melt them down in to one delicious America. I like knowing that our country has rules to protect people of different creeds, colors, and nationalities. It's the sane thing to do if it doesn't hurt your own people who have been born here.

Con - It's become a chunky beef stew. Many nationalities setup little regions where they are only surrounded by their own people, shops, languages. If you live anywhere and don't dip in to the local culture, and acclimate... did you really go? And nothing makes me angrier than someone who comes to live in this country, or any other, without at least attempting to learn our native language. It's rude and it sends the message that you're just here for the freedom, and money and don't really want to mix in.

Pro - We don't take shit. Part of why America could never truly be like our neighbors to the north is that we don't take shit from other countries. In fact it's so much so, that I'm often frightened to think of what could happen if all the other countries somehow got together and decided to take us down a peg. However I like that in general we usually come off as being sympathetic to other nations and world causes.

Con - We stick our nose in other countries business. Too often I'll see on the news something about some "third world country (I hate that term cause last time I checked we are all on the same know the one world) So I see something about a place I've never heard of and that we are doing something for relief there. Or this country is having a civil war and we are going over to figure it out. Who is paying for all that? The American Tax paying public? Sometimes the best thing for conflict is to let them fight. Breaking it up all the time doesn't really always work. Look at the bond between most siblings who fought at some point tooth-and-nail but get along fine or often better as time goes on... who else had a civil war that no outside country got involved in? Oh yeah America... how did that one turn out. #Stronger

Sidebar: Hey I'm not stupid. I realize that America just wants everyone to get on Canada's level of chilling and doing their thing without ruffling world feathers. Its a noble goal that I wish everyone could get behind. As a matter of fact when I see that flag flying and I hear that anthem that's what America means to me. Sane thinking, safe living, and freedom. I mean people have been wishing for world peace since before we even had all of the world inhabited, but here is a simple fact that I was taught a long time ago: You can't always make everyone happy. There will always be some haters out there. Usually because they are jealous. You can try to include everyone in your line of thinking but the simple fact is there are always going to be some North Koreas, and Irans out there. But let them be crazy over in their space and keep and eye on them to make sure they don't mess with the rest of the worlds sanity. Lord knows when a kid goes through his goth phase and just wants to listen to music in his room, that forcing him to wear a nice sweater and sit at the dinner table for 3 hours conversing with family is only going to push him the other way. Just let him brood in his room. At some point he'll wise up. See any people in their 30s still rocking the goth look? Yeah... not too many.

Pro - America has a sense of humor about itself. Often going my "Murica" the USA realizes it may not get everything right but at least as long as we get more right than wrong we are helping the world, or at least that's what we tell ourselves. It's nice that people like me can toe the line and praise America while also being free to say what I think. In some countries they'd chop off my hands for typing such things. But America likes a good laugh and self deprecating humor is always funny. I assume this is the only reason we elected Donald Trump as our leader?

Con - America is drunk. We drink way too much, and it showed as we elected Donald Trump president. Now first off I'm not a Trump hater. In fact I often roll my eyes at Trump protesters and haters (get a life losers... he won. You had your chance to do something and its too late.) I've always enjoyed his character. I mean the dude has been involved with the WWE which I love and his persona on The Apprentice was fun. No one can deny the guy has been successful in business. Sure some bad stuff happened too but you have to break a few eggs to make breakfast... whoa maybe that's how that got named? But I digress... here's the thing. He's a character. He's active on Twitter and has no filter. We really want this guy as the face of America? People went to the polls and decided he was the guy?!?!? Really? Is this a joke? Sadly it came down to people not liking or trusting Hilary Clinton and thus in went The Donald. What kind of F'd up system do we have where only 2 choices are pushed to the forefront and most people like neither. I feel the system is corrupt and frankly its embarrassing for our nation that we don't have a leader that is more widely respected. I wish him well and hope things turn out ok, but honestly... we're all more nervous now than maybe ever right? Either way I'm behind him and hope he does make America great again. Also that slogan is BOSS!

Con - Other countries either hate us, or love us. We are the John Cena of countries. Either way other countries are opinionated about us. Are we cool? Are we nosy pompous jerks? I'd like to have one clear cut vibe we send out (see Canada).

Pro - We innovate. Not that we are the only country but America is among the leading leaders in trying new stuff. New activities, inventions, and much more. For every singing fish on a plaque and fidget spinner comes one Microwave, traffic light, Zipper, LED lighting, Global Navigation System, Chemotherapy, email, mobile phone, computer, and last but not least the Internet. You're welcome planet.

Bottom line I'm cool with America, but I don't show it or say it much. It's sort of like when some people like a team that's going through some rough times so you don't feel the need to rock your hoodie emblazoned with their logo every weekend. That ain't me in sports but for countries I get the sentiment. Plus, to me showing you love America around everyone else who also loves and lives here in America seems redundant. Like pointing out how good bacon is... So you guys enjoy the fireworks tonight... ( Side rant: I'm over fireworks, have been for years. They seem like a waste of money and are just colorful flashes in the sky. If someone updates them to include shapes, pictures or storytelling then maybe I'll be interested in dousing myself in bug spray to watch sky go boom! Til then I'll pass on fireworks unless they are after a home-run or are part of a wrestlers epic entrance. End side rant)

Rather than opening with it, lets close with a beautiful performance of America's National Anthem. U S A U S A U S A!

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