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Transformers: The Last Knight - Movie Review

Please note there will be no spoilers because this movie is still in theaters.

I decided to take myself out and see the latest Transformers because I love Transformers. I always have. I had all the toys as a kid, watched the cartoons, and even the more recent big-time films. While going to a movie solo had NEVER been done by me before this day, it was also my first time watching something 3D in an Imax Theater. I gotta say I picked a good movie to see in this style. The stuff underwater, bits of crap in the air... the effects... it was all that much more epic.

All of that aside my first impressions were that I liked it, but man is it long. However I knew it was long going in and prepared with the large popcorn and cleared the tank before it started.

Part of what I dislike about the film is also part of the reason it works. I've always hated the human interaction with the Transformers... I mean some is needed but the humans constantly flying around during battles and somehow not getting a broken arm, or ridiculous flesh wound... I mean I get that it's obviously a reach... Robot life-forms and all, but humans are still flesh and blood last time I checked. Like for instance at one point a little girl goes out to face off with Megatron and his squad... a little girl... alone... I mean no way would this happen. No matter how brave what actual human would make that move? Most likely we'd all be cowering in a corner trying not to mess their undies up. Anyway, obviously the story ties in nicely with humans and the use of the actual historical characters and places is pretty cool.

Also if you like solid sex appeal with your action not only is Mark Wahlberg at his Wahlberg-iest, but also Laura Haddock is easy on the eyes so whatever you're into they've got it. Also appearing is Anthony Hopkins who is great as Sir Edmund Burton, and the big comedy add in this one is Jarrod Carmichael but honestly this isn't his best comedy work... although his reactions seem to be the most "actual human" as I discussed before. Also John Turturro is back in a bit role and Tony Hale plays an engineer trying to explain to everyone why we are going to die/options to save us. It's a fun cast of humans, but honestly the Transformers are the best parts. Lots of new ones, and old ones alike. Transformer fans will be pleased.

The commercials hyped us up for an evil Optimus Prime that really isn't a huge part of the first 2 hours of the film. However the story keeps building and you don't really miss him because there is a substantial amount of action along the way, and when he gets there... it's worth it. If you have thoughts of how unbelievable this all is, like I do on occasion, then you could get eye-roll and sigh heavy in this one, but if you relax and realize it's Transformers you'll like it.

Basically what I'm saying is: It's More Than Meets the Eye!

I give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars keeping in mind that this ain't up for an Oscar. It's an action/sci-fi film and it does what it's supposed to do. I only docked a half point for the length and the brave/stupid little girl that appears.

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