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30 Facts in 3 Days VT Trip Wrap-up

Here are 30 facts from my recent visit to Vermont

1. From 11:00p to 2:30a Wed-Thurs there is no traffic on the route from Boston.

2. McDonald's can run out of Coke.

3. The jets flying over Winooski are very jarring when you aren't used to it. I totally get that debate a few years back about it now. They served as my wake up call on Thursday.

4. My Dad's choices in fashion are not the best. He tried to sport the world's worst tie until we all stopped him. See pic below.

5. Impromptu eulogies can be done well.

6. My Uncle Leo was one of the best storytellers of all-time. I think I knew it before but it was confirmed through others stories on Thursday.

7. The Lord approves of socks and sandals as I saw a priest in black socks with brown Tevas.

8. McKee's menu remains unchanged but with the departure of Tracey and Kristin they lost some of their best bartenders... at least they still have Lola... and the Go Habs Plate!

9. Growler Garage is a solid spot I learned about last time with Doug, and again this time with my Uncle and Cousin.

10. Apparently the downtown Burlington mall is going to be turned in to housing? Either way at least there will be something valuable in there for a change.

11. Jay Lestage loves wood. (He's doing a lot of woodworking)

12. The Orlando Magic will not win the NBA Championship in the next 2 years.

13. My cousin Kyle Langan is running for city council in Bridgeport, CT.

14. Echo Science Center is pretty rad. Can't believe I had never been.

15. Aaron doesn't know how to work the video function on my phone.

16. There is a type of turtle called the Stinkpot Turtle.

17. Cremees are advertised as such in VT. How can we grow up calling them anything but when that's what they call them?

18. UFC 2 is a pretty fun game vs. another player. Especially when neither of you really knows what the buttons do. #ButtonMashLife

19. If you have a trampoline in your yard, I want to be your friend.

20. If I buy a tiny rooster figurine and want to show you something in my pants and remove it from my pocket... well... that writes itself.

21. Boomerang is an awesome photo/video app

22. Taking the shape of Vermont and putting it in a Bruins logo should get the maker of said logo arrested for defacing public property... or something... whatever way you slice it, it shouldn't happen.

23. Over 2 years on the same set of with all the driving I did the first year is not an ideal length for tires. They gave all they could.

24. If you have a chance to go on a brewery tour with a guy from Arkansas and Texas in Vermont, you do it. (Fiddlehead, Magic Hat, Switchback, Queen City Brewing, Zero Gravity, Foam, and ended up at Growler Garage.)

25. 9 years ago on June 25th Jay Lily heard it on the radio: "Breaking News: Michael Jackson dead at 50."

26. Most people when told #24 were amazed that was 9 years ago.

27. 100% of women polled suggested no man should ever color their hair to avoid gray hair.

28. You can get in to the last hour and a half of a concert at Higher Ground for free if you ask nicely... well that might not be true for everyone, but it worked for me.

29. Lucero, out of Memphis, is a pretty solid band, and the leader singer Ben is a cool dude. He and the band came out drinking with us in downtown Burlington as we still had time for a few down at Finnigan's Pub.

30. McDonald's is doing away with regular Sprite for a Berry Blast version. Clearly someone at McDonald's is drunk. Sprite is king. Don't do this!!!

Below in order of appearance: (across then down) examples of #'s 4, 7, 9, 8, 16, 15, 14, 17, 20, 21, 22, 24, & 28.

#Vermont #EchoScienceCenter #McKees #Cremees #McDonalds #Lucero

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