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Pete's Hypothetical Questions

So this guy I know, lets call him Pete, he always comes up with these random questions off-the-cuff. These are the kind of questions that can spark much debate. This a chance for me to share the questions he comes up with and share my thoughts, his thoughts, and then leave it open to you to comment your thoughts. Lets answer lifes burning questions...

PHQ #1 What is the coolest animal?

I gave this about 10 minutes of thought before deciding I had to break it up in to 3 categories. I decided Dolphin if by sea, Beaver by land, and Vulture by air.

Keeping in mind this isn't favorite animal, it's coolest. I immediately figured how cool the Dolphin is with it's noises and communication, it's ability to be trained, and how dolphins have tried to mate with humans. I mean they are cool and in the water is anything faster than a Dolphin? Ever seen those things bolting and then 180 in the other direction? Impressive.

I went Beaver on land because of their work ethic. "Busy as a beaver" ain't just a phrase for no reason. Those buck-toothed bastards can make incredible structures and I just think think they are impressive. And if you aren't impressed by beavers, then Damn you to hell! (See what I did there? #DadJoke)

I went Vulture by sky because I like that they scavenge. As a man who often scavenges for his own meals, I appreciate the efforts of the vulture and think it's cool that they make treasure out of trash.

The purveyor of the question answered quickly with: Whale. Hard to argue that for a lot of my same Dolphin arguments and then add the sheer size of them as Pete referenced.

I then suggested maybe I should have gone hummingbird by air to which Pete agreed and threw-out the frog as pretty damn cool too.

So what do you think? Do you agree with anything we threw-out? Got any new suggestions? Be a part of the conversation in the comments section over yonder.


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