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Farewell Uncle Leo Piche

Recently my Great Uncle Leo passed away. A memorial service will take place on Thursday the 22nd at 11am. So while I'm happy to report that I am coming back to VT for a few days (22-25th) it comes with somber news.

My Uncle Leo was my Godfather and is one of the greatest all-time storytellers. Whenever my Dad would launch in to a story and have a group hanging on his every word I realized that he got that from his uncles. In turn whenever anyone finds my tales amusing I know that my showmanship, and charisma stems from that same part of our family tree. I remember as a kid I took hunters safety course simply so I could go hunting with my Dad, his uncles, Tommy, and my Uncle Donnie. That was where I learned how great buffets were and how breaking wind in a Chevy Blazer means windows down no matter what the temp outside. I lamented the times we all actually separated and got quiet to go sit in the woods. I remember sitting there never planning on shooting anything that didn't try to attack me. Simply letting the time go by before we all got together for brunch, lunch, or to go home.

Over the years my Uncle moved to Florida and I rarely saw him. I'm not one to call often but when I did or saw him, he always said something that would make me laugh. The last time I saw him was earlier this year at the funeral for my grandmother. He sat at the table behind me and I heard him telling tales to anyone who stopped by. Sure he was older. Sure the cadence was slower, but that spark in his eye and that story-telling flare was as sharp as ever. I'm glad my memories of him won't just be in the stories he told. They will live on in the stories my Dad tells, and the stories I tell. I look forward to hearing everyone's stories about him next week.

But it is not all somber as my Uncle was a fun-loving guy and I intend to make the most of the extended time in Vermont. I need to catch up with more people, maybe get in some softball, tell some stories... and I'll be on Piche Campus but not in the house as usual. For one last time I'm bringing a blow-up mattress... find me at 281 1/2... #WeavOrBust

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