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Dave Chapelle - 2 shows on Netflix Review

I realized as I created this title that I don't intend to rate stand-up shows if I watch them. Trust you me if I watched it and took the time to write about it... it's good. The following should be listed as "DAMN GOOD."

I recently got back in the Netflix game and one of the first watches for me was a no-brainer. Dave Chapelle returned to stand-up recently and I knew he had 2 specials on there. It was a big reason I pulled the trigger.

In show 1 Dave warns early "Ladies and Gentlemen, man the fuck up or you ain't gonna make it til the end of the show." .

He then mentions things like what it might be like if MLK had a shoe deal, all 4 times he met OJ SImpson, seamlessly transitions from the Challenger exploding to Care Bears, then compares Steph Curry to Bill Cosby and somehow Top Gun before hitting a callback so well I dare say it was one of the best I've ever heard.

I love how Dave occasionally cracks himself up. Usually someone laughing at their own material isn't a good look but it works for Dave so well because his jokes are usually truth based and then when they get outlandish even he laughs at the joke and it really helps it go over.

Show 2 begins with Dave telling stories about being hit with snowballs and banana peels. He then touches on if a KFC worker had a Klan hood on, ethics vs. a B.J., does an interview with a pussy, and has a killer Lil Wayne impression. He even breaks on stage of sorts asking someone in the crowd for a cigarette. Later he tells a story about his kid punching a girl in the face at school.

After the 2 shows I felt like I had been on a wonderful ride of comedy and I stood to applaud even by myself as I watched. I always loved Dave and the Chapelle Show and this was a bunch of great new material for the first time in years and I loved it, and everyone else will to! I already want to watch it again and I feel like that really says something.

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