Wrestling Wreview May 5-7th


I almost just wrote "Coming off the success of the Extreme Rules PPV..." but then I decided to downgrade that to: Coming off the surprisingly decent Extreme Rules PPV, Raw is ready to gear up for Great Balls of Fire... Yup it's still happening.

Show starts out with Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt... not sure how much longer we can keep having PPV style match ups that aren't the main event at least of Raw. I mean it works and it's nice for the fans now but over the next few months Bray vs. Reigns might get stale. Bray used to only fight once in awhile on the shows and then always on PPVs and now his matches don't feel as special and after losing in the 5-way and to Roman straight up... why do we fear Bray anymore? Something needs to change, man.

I was excited to see Alexa interact with Kurt Angle backstage. It wasn't as good as it could have been but it still showcased the facial expressions and greatness of Alexa. Enzo and Big Cass attack stuff is continued to be questioned. While if this whole Corey Graves and Kurt Angle thing is leading towards the return of Stephanie McMahon then color me disappointed. I have higher hopes.

Samoa Joe comes out and it leads to a face-off with Paul Heyman. The highlights being Heyman referring to himself as a Jew, and then Joe chocking out Paul to send a message to Brock Lesnar. Good stuff as he taunted Heyman before the chokeout...

Then more backstage stuff as Big Cass is attacked this time. Leaving Enzo to battle Anderson and Gallows (Who must be regretting their decision to come to WWE about now). Leads to Big Show becoming Enzo's partner. Funny opening before the match. They win... (Anderson & Gallows further regret their choice... I can hear them packing their bags for the indies as we speak. Maybe something or someone gets them in a group or something to revitalize them)

A lot of segments and not a ton of wrestling on this show. My feelings aren't hurt by that. Main event featured Rollins vs. Samoa Joe. A match to put over Samoa Joe as legit and also set Rollins on his future path towards Bray Wyatt for some reason? Where was Finn Balor on this show? Also no new tag champs appearance either, or the old champs for that matter. At one point Alexa took on Nia Jax in there and Bliss got herself attacked by Mickie James and Dana Brooke who for some reason came to watch. Basically it was a show used to prep and create new storylines. Nothing too exciting. I mean I watch the Hulu abbreviated 2-hour version so maybe those guys appeared then or I missed something but somehow I doubt it.


Begins with women's MITB briefcase unveiling. Then barb trading leads to Lana coming out. She is laughed off by the ladies after asking for a shot at MITB and then her and Naomi almost come to blows. Then it's a 3 on 3 tag match in which Lana interferes with Naomi and by the end of the night... you guessed it... Lana Vs. Naomi for the SD Women's title.

Next its a Mojo Rawley sighting. Havent seen him since he was beating up then jobber Jinder Mahal... that was like 2 months ago. Anywho he's promised a spot in MITB if he can beat Jinder later tonight. He doesn't. Perfect match to show Jinder is legit by beating the man he couldn't beat 2 months ago. He's legit now... sure...

AJ Styles took on Ziggler again... another good match which this time Styles wins with the Styles Clash. I smell a rubber match next week...

Fashion FIles got a visit from The New Day and the two comedy bohemiths had a good segment. "Big E, if that's your real initial" was one of my favorite moments. Later the New Day fights the Colons (Not Colognes) and wins... afterwards they are greeted by the Usos. Who bring jokes and after slamming each New Day member leaves with their titles.

We are informed John Cena will be back on the Juy 4th edition of Smackdown... "Awesome" - WWE Universe Sheep and kids under 13.

Main event is Nakamura vs. Owens for the first time in WWE... For free?! And its a decent match that Nak wins clean. WTF? As good as it was to see Nak back in singles action it would have been easy to have this match end in a no contest with Baron Corbin sitting ringside and and angry Sami Zayn needing revenge... Not sure why WWE does what they do sometimes, but when Shinsuke and KO meet someday on PPV it will be 10 times better.

205 Live

5 lines or less review.

1)Review to hype TJP vs. Neville for later is good.

2)Cedric vs. Dar was a solid match predictable as it appears the rocket is back on CA

3)Mustafa Ali beats a no name even after Gulak comes out with a No Fly Zone warning

4)Tozawa to the Titus Brand? Alright lets see where this one goes...

5)Classic match-up for the title Neville wins again but TJP told a good story in this one.


Going home....

1. Not sure what they see in Heavy Machinery but I see a modern day Natural Disasters. Sadly I don't think that translates to modern wrestling... but time will tell.

2. Love me some Iconic Duo. Good to see Peyton Royce in action.

3. Not sure what was more disappointing... Rodrick Strong clearly getting his feelings hurt by Bobby Roode or having to watch Oney Lorcan job to Hideo Itami

No wait the foot was on the ropes... re-start the match...

1. Oney Lorcan has a weird look but the guy can really go and the fans like him. He's awkward but I have a feeling he could become the next Daniel Bryan. Except not a complete hippie loser outside the ring.

2. The heel turn by Itami is fine because no one likes him anyway. Dude should job to Kassius Ohno, Drew McIntyre, and others and then slink back to Japan and forget trying in WWE. Not sure why that guy was ever sought after talent.

3. No Way Jose vs. Killian Dane in the main event... only because it was the last match of the show and not because it was the best, or most important match on the card for the night. You've heard all you need to hear.

Hit my music! Thats another week in WWE.

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