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The Carmichael Show - TV Review

The Carmichael Show stars comedian Jarrod Carmichael in a show filmed before a live studio audience which seems like a dying breed. This show is everything I think Blackish wants to be. They joke about very (warning, VERY) serious topics but do it in a smart way. It often feels like an open discussion about hot button issues and yet also makes you laugh.

Topics have been gender reassignment, guns, prayer, depression, rape, and suicide. Seriously don't let that list fool you. This is a sitcom. Just a very topical and different one.

The show centers around Jarrod and his girlfriend often visiting and interacting with his Mom (A God fearing woman) his Dad (an old school guy) his brother (an underachieving goofball) and his ex-wife (A sassy gal who ads lack of decorum to the squad)

Jarrod's father in the show is played by David Alan Grier (one of the most underrated performers of our time) and he's a scene stealer. His character doesn't always go the way you think he will either. Even praising slavery at one point for bringing him to America.

If you're the kind of person that is offended or dislikes off-color humor this show ain't for you, and while I have your attention if you're one of those people... lighten up. Life is short. Have a laugh and move on.

Conversely if you're very opinionated yet like to hear all sides of an issue this will interest you. Go in with an open mind and before long you'll lose track of the poor acting by Jarrod, who often looks like he's trying to remember the lines as written in his head. It's the quality of the material more than the way in which it's presented. In fact in early episodes the show only takes place at Jarrod's apartment and the family house, but it doesn't really affect the jokes and pokes at issues facing the nation today.

In one episode they dive deep in to the Bill Cosby situation as Jarrod has tickets to a show of his and his girlfriend, a smoke-show BTW fellas... or ladies if you're in to that, is very against him or anyone going. As a comedian who idolized Bill in real life it was interesting to see that show and hear the takes on the situation, but also a really funny show without being disrespectful.

Overall I like the show and you can see 2 full seasons on Hulu. Season 3 is there as well and the show airs on NBC right now on Wednesdays at 9p. Without a bevy of new shows on TV right now I believe this is a can't miss. It makes you think. It makes you laugh. What else do you need?

On a 5 star scale I give the show 4 stars.

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