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Billy on the Street - TV Show Review

He's making dreams come true.... BIlly on the Street!

The show features Billy Eichner with mic in hand walking around the streets of New York City asking people random questions about pop culture. Although the show is set up as a game show it's really not about the money people could win. It's about the past-paced fury of opinions flowing from the mouth of the host.

The most popular segment is "For a Dollar" (Sample below) which is just him asking people random questions and handing them a dollar if they are right and then moving on angrily if they are wrong.

Another segment is "Quizzed in the face" usually the final bit where one person has to answer several questions heading towards the $100 prize. The final round is based on what Billy thinks is the right answer which always leads to hilarity.

Another oft used game is when a contestant is given a choice between two random objects and has to answer a speed round of questions like Kris Jenner or Geppetto and then he lists facts and the person says which of those two they think the fact is about. They are always totally random, and always Billy's "Favorite new game."

As the show progresses not only does the budget grow, but also the guest stars that drop by. Will Ferrell, Sarah Jessica Parker, Lucy Liu, Julianne Moore, Tiny Fey, Michelle Obama and many others stop by to be challenged.

Personally it's an inspiring show and it makes me want to try the same thing. One man, a camera, and a mic... It's improv gold, and the characters he meets are worth the viewing alone. Show regular Elana proves to be a formidable partner in later episodes. The back and forth between the two is awesome.

The show has four seasons right now on Hulu and a recommend you give it a watch. Even watching episodes I've already seen make me laugh. Whether you agree with his opinions on pop culture or not aren't as important as watching the magic that unfolds when Billy hits the streets.

I give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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