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Snatched - Movie Review

I had the pleasure of actually going to the theater for a movie earlier tonight with the lovely Jenn Lavalley. We saw the latest Amy Schumer comedy, Snatched.

I will try my best to review without spoilers so read on freely. It's about a gal who gets dumped (in one of the greatest break-up scenes in history!) and already has non-refundable tickets to Ecuador. So her mom, Goldie Hawn (who is holding up nicely BTW), ends up going with her and they get kidnapped.

The antics that ensue are pretty hilarious. There is a substantial amount of "blue" humor but with Schumer we should expect nothing less. Which is fucking on point, and done well as usual.

Ike Barinholtz and Christopher Meloni play solid supporting characters in the film. Wanda Sykes is also in the film and plays the mouth piece for Joan Cusack who's character never speaks a word or makes a sound throughout the film.

If you liked Trainwreck you'll like Snatched. I recommend it for people with an open good sense of humor. I don't think it's a can't miss but if you want a good laugh it will hit the spot. Maybe wait for it to come out on Netflix versus paying to see it on the big screen... although movie goers are treated to a personal message from Amy and Goldie thanking you for seeing it in theatres.

On my five star system I give it 3 1/2 stars.

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