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I am super-excited about the re-launch of as you may have seen in the video. I felt it was important to do so while I was physically on the grounds where it was originally created here in Winooski, VT on Piche Campus. So before I get in to what the new site will be like let's take a brief walk down memory lane.

I had a hard time coming up with actual dates of stuff so this is a brief outline. Back before Facebook was popular and MySpace sort of dominated the landscape of social media... probably 2004ish... I created It was a website for me and my friends. We had our racing doings, poker info, pictures of events... it was a ton of fun. But then I started to add a sub-section that I deemed the Piche Pages. Later I separated the two and then eventually just made I made it a place with everything you could want to know about me, and my friends as well. Later it hosted the websites for our radio show, my TV show Talking Trash, as well as our Weav' Poker Tour site, and much, much more.

The site remained a focal point of my life as I moved to Milwaukee. I remember when interviewing for the job I got at the Bradley Center that they said they liked me based on seeing my site and wanting to add a guy like me to their staff. Ironically they later used parts of the site as a reason for my termination... but I digress...

I used it as a way of letting people know what was up with me. It helped me feel connected even though I was far away from loved ones. It let me have a place for my voice in a time when not a lot of real people were around to hear my actual voice. This is a large part of the reason I've decided to bring it back.

After that previously mentioned termination and a move back to VT in 2010 the site was less used and eventually I picked it back up to host the site for Talking Trash which I got back to doing and later pimp my budding stand-up comedy career.

When I moved away to Nashua, NH in 2014 I rarely did anything with the site and my rights to the domain lapsed. The site was no more somewhere in 2015.

Recently I worked a 27-hour shift at my new job (that's a story in itself and I don't mean to gloss over it or where I work but it's not important to this story). During it I saw a bunch of High School students doing a coding competition and it got me realizing that I'll bet they have way cooler things to make website since I last dabbled with the thing. I had wanted to start blogging and sharing my opinions with the masses again. I pine, yes pine... to start a podcast again. The combination of all of those things made me realize it was time to bring it back.

I did some searching and found Wix as a website creator/host and took the steps to obtain once again.

This time around I want the site to center on my blog. Reviewing Wrestling, Sports, TV, Food, podcast... anything really. It will also have all the links to my social media platforms and have some stuff about me as well. Eventually hoping it can be the host site of my podcast down the road.

I also hope to add reviews or articles from friends if they wish to be a part of the posting. Just drop me a line. You can have a regular segment or just a one time thing. I'm game to share stuff from my peeps! I also hope to do some video blogging, play some games, interview friends... the sky is the limit and honestly the creative juices in me that have lied dormant for far too long have returned over the past week as I've created not only the site but also content for it. This might even lead to me resurrecting that comedy career I used to have!

No matter what, I've always loved to share my opinions and talk with people and since I can't always talk with everyone at least I have an outlet for stuff. In many ways this is more for me than anyone else but I do hope that people enjoy it. Let me know if you do, or ways you think I could improve it. Constructive criticism is always welcomed and anyone with an idea for a fun project or idea let me know and maybe I can do it or help you with it. I need more minds and bodies in on creating cool content.

Also know that the views expressed on this site are mine and mine alone unless otherwise noted. They in no way reflect the opinions of any group or company I may be associated with or work for.

Now go check shit out... and oh yeah... I'll work blue here on occasion because let's be honest... it's real, and it's better. But I won't swear just to swear. Less is more... it will really make those few F-Bombs land with more impact!

Thanks for coming!

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