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The Adam Carolla Show - Podcast Review

If you don't listen to the Adam Carolla Show... why the fuck not? Do you dislike entertainment? Do you hate free speech and different views? Are you not big on comedy based in truths? Are you an improv hater? (It's ok to not say "Yes, and..." to that question)

I live my life by this show. I've heard every episode for the past 5+ years. I've always been a fan of Adam Carolla and pretty much everything he does. He tells things like they are. This is where I get the bulk of my news and information. It's entertaining as hell and with 5 new episodes a week, at about an hour to hour and a half at most, there are always fresh ones available. Part of the reason I don't hate driving or doing a mundane task like painting is because I can just throw ACS on my iPod and be entertained.

The run I had in podcasting was due in large part to his show. I even borrowed the idea from their oft played game "What Can't Adam Complain About." I might get into reviewing shows, or maybe a weeks worth of shows in the future but I had to at least do a brief one to let people know about this show. Hell... it's free! Free great new content 5 times a week! Go try to find something better... I'll wait.

I say if you give it a weeks worth of shows that you'll not only be glad you did, but then you'll thank me later. Which is really want I want. Unlike Adam I need the vindication. Plus when I restart my podcast you'll know what I'm going for and why I want to be the Adam Carolla of the East Coast.

Adam recently had a home improvement TV show on Spike called "Adam Carolla and friends build stuff Live!" and that was a delight. The man also makes movies, and several... SEVERAL other podcasts. One on cars, one on home improvement, one with a renowned lawyer and even one with Dr. Drew reuniting the pair from LoveLine's prime. In fact that's where I first caught on to Adam. And that one with Dr. Drew is also 5 times a week! Adam creates so much content that I don't have enough ear-time to cover all I want to hear. But I love that it's there and listen as much as I can. And you should to!

Adam's best phrase of all-time: "Don't do your best, do my best." Its what we really want out of anyone we tell to do something. So heed that phrase and become a Carolla-head like me. And find out why he's the only person I've ever supported to be president.

On my 5 star system I give this 5 stars.

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