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The Toy Box - TV Show Review

I recently binge-watched The Toy Box. Which can best be described as a Shark Tank for Toys. Eric Stonestreet (Cam from Modern Family) is the host as toy makers first are interviewed by Eric and then go in to meet with 3 people from the toy world who decide whether or not the toy could be good and send it to the toy box.

From there those approved face another set of judges. 4 kids. They seem to love showing the people that the final judges are kids. But it never really feels like it matters. From there the kids play with the toys, ask the inventors questions and then ultimately decide who wins each show. The winners of each show go to the finale and then the kids replay with them all and award one the winner which signs an immediate deal with Mattel and the toy is manufactured and sold immediately at Toys R Us.

So the real stars here are the judges. It's the same 4 kids for each show. Noah is the best one. He's always saying goofy things and really he's the reason to watch. I mean some of the toys are neat but there isn't much real drama. Luckily the show was only 8 episodes long so it's a decent time-killing binge-watch.

It would be better if Eric could be the level of snarky you can tell he wants to be but he's held back by ABC/Disney and whoever edits the show. I like to try and figure out which of the ladies Eric made a run at when the cameras were off. It's not a tough code to crack.

Either way I wasn't a huge fan of the winner and felt that some good toys didn't get their just desserts, but you'll have that when you let kids decide things. Some shows were strong and had 2 or 3 that should have been finalists but others had none that were really that good. Stick with it after the first few shows because the toys get better as the shows go on.

The show is relatively new so I don't want to spoil it for those who may watch it. But I'd love to talk toy with anyone who watches it so drop me a line and let me know what you

thought of the show.

On my 5 star scale I give this a 2 1/2. Bottom line, Noah's antics are the selling point of comedy and most of the toys are sub-par. The winner is neat but nothing I'd want to play with now and I'm still a big kid so my opinion matters.

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