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Smackdown May 23rd Wrestling Wreview

American Alpha challenged The Usos for the Tag Titles at SD in Boston

Note: I usually watch the shows a day after they are live on Hulu because it works better for my schedule.

Decent start to the show with the Money in the Bank match contenders being announced. Always a great match and with those 6 guys it couldn't be better from the SD roster. They also decided to do a rematch with Zayn and Corbin. Then Shane decided Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler would team to face AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura... can't believe these two dudes are teaming up.

Zayn wins but Corbin destroys him post-match... not sure why... Corbin could have used a win there.

Good to see the Fashion Files aren't going to die off even though they lost. Loved the interaction with the commish.

So Jinder comes out for a celebration and the first thing I realize how insane Indian culture is for wearing so many clothes in arguably one of the hottest regions of the world. Not that I pine to see more skin from Indians but if they were a scantily clad people I'd understand. Anywho... you know you're a lame champion when your WWE Championship side plates simply are your name. No symbol or slogan... lame. He makes a speech about how we hate him because he looks different and talks different but fails to mention the real reason we hate him... he's not entertaining in any way shape or form. Last time I checked Shinsuke is one of the most over dudes in the company and doesn't look like me or sound even close to me... but you know what he is? Entertaining. It ends and they go to commercial... no Randy Orton run-in? I mean WTF?

Next the Fashion Police win single matches over the Usos in some fun spots and then it leads to an impromptu Tag Title match! Gotta give it up for the Usos. I don't like them character-wise but they've been a consistently great tag match performer and their matches with Breezango and American Alpha have been great lately, Another solid win for the Usos. I like that they went that direction with the story-telling.

The ladies had a match earlier then all ask Shane for a title shot and I thought for sure it would lead to the first ever women's Money in the Bank Ladder match... but no. Instead a fatal five way next week to decide the No.1 contender... Seems alike this theme of throw them all in there and shake it out is emerging on both shows... Anyway not lost on me in this segment is how much I enjoy this heel sidekick gimmick by James Ellsworth. I mean it's funny, right? He always claims the Divas are checking him out then drops a "duh!" Him being around has led to some funny moments.

Main event time... what better way to show Shinsuke his new home on Smackdown than a main event tag match. I'm guessing Teddy Long was smiling at this thought. Fun to see Shinsuke in the ring with KO even if only briefly. 4 of the top talents not just on SD but in the industry today... ok I'm reaching for Ziggler on this one but plain and simple the guy is talented. Just because he's often buried doesn't mean he can't go. Always enjoy his matches. Anyone notice how often guys run in to the post after missing a spear in the corner? It happens too much nowadays. Anyway... Great match. If you like these guys you'll dig the match. Show ends with AJ and Shinsuke staring up at the briefcase... good stuff.

All in all a decent post PPV show for SD. However the lack of appearance by Randy Orton was confusing. Overall SD does a better show because they have enough talent for a 2 hour show and they do it. Whereas Raw has talent for a 1 and a half hour show but stretches it to 3 and includes a 205 Live match or 2 to fill-in. With Stroman out and no Champion it seems even though SD's champ is Jinder... SD is still on top in my eyes.

I'll close with a "Take it Home" 205 Live Edition from later that night...

1. Noam Dar is a great heel and his program with Swan continues which is good. I remember seeing Swan in NXT and wondering when he'd get pushed. DIdn't take him long to become a Cruiserweight Champ and now he still delivers week after week. Honestly Mr. Swan I CAN handle it.

2. Glad that Neville has been champion for awhile now. That belt was really getting whored out for awhile and the lengthy reign makes for more prestige for the belt. Austin Aries and Neville have had some great matches to this point. Time to have a pay-off to this feud at Extreme Rules.

3. With only one belt on 205 Live they needed to have some other reasons to watch. With TJP, Swan, Dar, Mustafa Ali, Tony Nese, Drew Gulak, and the two in the main event Akira Tozawa and The Brian Kendrick. They do a nice job I love the character development... but I still wish they'd add 205 Tag Belts. The main event street fight was fun right from the start. Also hard not to love a match that uses duct tape... sweet senton through a table is the finish. Might be the payoff for their feud. If so it was solid. Tozawa going over of course which shouldn't shock anyone.

That's it for the Tuesday shows... More to come next week...

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