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The Pich' Wrestling Wreview

Hell in a Cell in Nov. 2016 in Boston

The jump-off point for this blog is going to be a random grouping of stuff I've seen the past few days. Normally I think this will be more organized by show/event. Disclaimer: If you know nothing of the WWE or wrestling this will be almost unusable in your life unless you're about to hang out with Wrestling fans and want to sound savvy as fuck.

NXT Chicago saw a damn classic between Pete Dunne and Tyler Bate. The UK group put two of it's best peeps forward and that match will definitely bring eyes to that product. Hats off fellas. Matches rarely entertain at that level anymore. For me the not knowing who will win is always a big factor. Most of WWE is very predictable but I honestly saw this match going either way. Between that and the sheer talent of the two men they delivered a match of the year candidate. The show also saw another win for the Glorious Champ, Bobby Roode (can't wait to see him on the main roster someday but believe he still has a long run in NXT ahead). I'm just glad they didn't give Hideo Itami the title. That guy has been injury prone and even when he's healthy he's not the impressive. He lacks the charisma he'll need to ever be relevant. I remember having my doubts about him and Balor when they first arrived but while Balor rose to the occasion and became a charismatic stud with entertaining matches, Hideo was often injured and never made me miss him. Overall a great show by NXT. The swerve at the end with Ciampa and Gargano was awesome and well done. Of Takeover, Backlash and Raw, this was easily the best show of the weekend.

The biggest talking point in wrestling right now is the fact that Jinder Mahal just won the WWE Championship at Backlash. There are those that realize what a travesty this is and then there are the other people who are wrong. What a ratings grab due to the fact that WWE is trying to resign TV rights in India. They took a guy they buried deep... very deep. Even as recently as at Wrestlemania where he jobbed to Rob Gronkowski and then his buddy Mojo Rawley. Then a couple weeks later he was losing matches straight up to that same Mojo. A "talent" who BTW should live in the lower to mid-card for his entire life. Then suddenly in a heartbeat Jinder is the number one contender? The fact that he was even in the match to become the number one contender was ridiculous. What had he ever done to earn it? SIDEBAR: Just know I'm not a Jinder hater. I like the revamp after he was brought back. He has a place on the show. Just not on the top. Ever. His character has little value. His matches are never show stoppers. I just don't get it. END SIDEBAR. So to continue this madness... he beats Randy Orton after one lame move from behind?!?! His Million Dollar Dream Slam, or whatever he calls it, is no RKO. No F5. No Stone Cold Stunner. In thi day and age in a main event with a dude as decorated and celebrated as the Viper Randy Orton should not even agree to go out like that. Not after competing in a movie match at the last PPV and taking huge move after huge move before eventually jobbing out to interference from Jinder and his two tiny boy sized sidekicks. Look... it's bullshit. Plain and simple. I get that everyone gets a fair shake and all that but let me remind you... Kevin Owens, AJ Styles, Randy Orton, Sami Zayn... tons of better options... and if you needed a first timer heel, Rusev or Baron Corbin would have at least been believable! Making Jinder appear that credible that quickly is just too much. I'm not hating on him as much as I'm hating how they got us there and now what will he do with it? My prediction: Garbage run placeholding until they decide it's time for either AJ again, Sami to finally get some gold, or I hate to say it but a returning John Cena for record-breaking title #17. Hopefully I'm wrong and maybe Jinder will surprise me and some how be entertaining but I doubt the former 3MB member will make me look fondly back at his reign..

Speaking of Champions did you know Brock Lesnar is the Raw Champion? SIDEBAR: It's the Raw Champion not Universal Champion because that name is dumb. Just like it's Smackdown not Smackdown Live! END SIDEBAR. Yeah it's true. Dude wins title at Mania in early April and then isn't even seen as we near June. I love Brock coming in for matches and suplexing people and all he brings... except for when they put a title on him and he disappears. Keep the title off part-timers... bad enough you already belittled the "good name" of that title by having an amazing everyday talent like Kevin Owens job to Goldberg for it in the first place. Bottom Line: I heart Suplex City but not when it's Titletown. Meanwhile we have to keep watching random pairings of the 5 solid full-timers who could be champ play a weak-ass game of one-upsmaniship every week on Raw. At least their 5-way match at Extreme Rules is an appealing booking. But it better be damn good because with all of them in one match there isn't much else on that card worth a shit.

Since this is my first Wresting Wreview blog I feel that I should mention a few things about my fandom so you know my POV... I love the heels. If you're a heel and I wouldn't root for you at a live event then you're doing it wrong and you suck. Heels drive wrestling and are way more entertaining than some babyface popping the fans. That said I appreciate a good face if they bring the entertainment and can get it done in the ring. My favorite wrestlers of all-time are Shawn Michaels, Owen Hart, and Kurt Angle. Currently I really like Kevin Owens, Alexa Bliss, and because I don't want this list to be all bad guys AJ Styles and Sami Zayn. My first Wrestlemania watching as a fan was WM X and arguably one of the best of all-time. The next year I went to WM XI which is not-arguably, because it's a fact, that it was the worst WM of all-time.

Before I check out for this entry let end with the segment I'll call "Take it Home." I'll give you 3 quick takes on different things in the WWE. They may lead to future rants...

1. A PPV on the horizon called "Great Balls of Fire?" I keep seeing this and thinking, "Well they have time to fix that... that's ridiculous." But they won't. I'm guessing someone in the main office lost a bet. Only way that makes sense.

2. Love the program Cesaro/Sheamus and the Hardys are putting together. Love the Hardys being back, but can't wait until they delete this nostalgic act for the one we pine for... also love how The Bar has been set by Cesaro and Sheamus. They have grown as a team from dudes placed together oddly to guys that were over and then made a heel turn together. Good stuff.

3. Speaking of dudes making the most of a situation... how great were the Fashion Files? Fandango and Breeze gave us some gems. "The Windy Apple" being one... the guys were on point in those segments and they got the crowd behind a couple of dudes who are Fashion Police... yeah Fashion Police. Bravo sirs.

And that's the Wreview for now. If you smelllllll what The Pich' is cookin'

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