May 25, 2017

Note: I usually watch the shows a day after they are live on Hulu because it works better for my schedule. 

Decent start to the show with the Money in the Bank match contenders being announced. Always a great match and with those 6 guys it couldn't be better from the SD...

May 24, 2017

The jump-off point for this blog is going to be a random grouping of stuff I've seen the past few days. Normally I think this will be more organized by show/event. Disclaimer: If you know nothing of the WWE or wrestling this will be almost unusable in your life unless...

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2/19/19 - Just announced the 642 Things Project. Read the intro below and the first 2 entries as well!

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Quotes of Note:

"The president of Harvard once said if you think the cost of education is high, try the cost of ignorance." - Neil DeGrasse Tyson on The Adam Carolla Show 

"You never know if you don't ask... a closed mouth never gets fed." 

- Ryan Jackson

"Relax... work hard and good things will come." - Ron Fontaine

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