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What to know about my blog categories

General: These will be posts about my life. I like to share things and report on things and you'll find stuff like State of The Pich' Addresses, and What I learned lists here. I've even heard, and keep in mind I start all the rumors on this site, that The Pich' Awards will return!

Ice Life: These will be stories about my rink life. Fun moments or fun stories... or even stories that weren't fun then but are now.

Published Articles: This will be a place where I repost articles I write that have appeared in publications. For now mostly rink/arena stuff but maybe some old stuff  and comedy stuff in the future... you never know!


Reviews: These can be on food, TV Shows, Movies, podcasts, basically anything. And when I give my opinion it's usually pretty definitive. Whether you agree with me or not hopefully you find the reviews informative or interesting.

Wrestling: I'm a huge nerd when it comes to wrestling knowledge. Thus if you aren't one you might get lost in here but you're still welcome to give it a read. I love wrestling, have for years and I give reviews and report on the latest things in WWE. Ill sometimes make nerdy call backs to the Attitude era and even beyond so know your stuff if want to comment! If you smell what The Pich' is cookin'!

Sports: I'm a huge sports fan and with that comes opinions, comments, and the like... I'm not allowed to comment on specifics of Boston Bruins hockey on here so don't think I'll give you any inside info. I give that all to the Canadiens. Disclaimer: Ha ha Just kidding

Comedy: This will be where I do certain videos and articles with the intent of making you chuckle.

Just Sayin: Will be me yapping about something either because I need to rant or point out something stupid... I mean it will probably be funny or at least informative. I mean, I'm just sayin...

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