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Pich' and the WIA Stick

If I had to describe myself in one word it would be: unique. But luckily I can use more than one word because this is my space to write whatever I want so let me also add the words: Charismatic, funny, and charming to the mix here.

I'm from Vermont, the Burlington area. I lived there for over 30 years total. I've also lived in Roanoke, VA / Milwaukee, WI / Nashua, NH / Austin, TX / Boston, MA and currently in Bridgeport, CT

For a middle-aged, middle-class dude from Vermont my life has been anything but middle-of-the road. I've dabbled in lots of stuff in my life. Hosting a live Sports Talk TV Show, racing a stock car at Thunder Road, hosting a radio show, running a website, announcing sporting events, hosted a podcast, performed stand-up comedy, and attended a ton of sporting events including Stanley Cup Finals (1993 in Montreal) and the NCAA Men's Basketball Final Four (St. Louis 2005) just to name a couple.


My work with Ice began way back in 2001 at the University of Vermont. I didn't start driving Zamboni for a few years but I was always being a rink rat trying to learn all of what I now know. I started driving and eventually made ice for UVM games. In 2008 I moved to Milwaukee to work at the Bradley Center where I made ice for the AHL's Milwaukee Admirals. Later I began work across town at the Pettit National Ice Center (One of 3 indoor speed-skating ovals in North America) where I helped host the 2010 Speed Skating U.S. Olympic Trials. I returned to UVM in later 2010 and resumed UVM games but also in 2012 made ice for the Women's IIHF World Championships. I accepted a job as Arena Manager at the Chelmsford Forum near Lowell, MA in 2014 that I was at for 2 and a half years. Then I began work at the Warrior Ice Arena in 2016 where I helped open the brand new practice facility for the Boston Bruins and rose to become the 1st Operations Manager there in a little over a year. After 4 years there I headed south to Austin, TX and after a 6 month hiatus I was offered the opportunity  to return to Warrior Ice Arena thus ending the short #TalesOfTexasPich After a year back in Boston I moved near family in Bridgeport, CT


I've also completed the highest certification available for my trade (CIRM - Certified Ice Rink Manager) as designated by U.S. Ice Rinks Association. Scope my ice life out on the Ice Life page of this site for more stuff! I've made ice at lots of different levels and for many different events, The stories and tales from each are enough to fill a book... hmmmm #foreshadowing  

So those are the brief points to know before claiming you know me. Although I realized I forgot to mention how much I love to play sports; especially softball and basketball. And no About Me section would be complete without mentioning what a huge WWE fan I am. I go to events all the time (including Wrestlemania 11 & 35), I watch all the shows religiously, and I'm even a stock-holder!

So why do I have a website? A lot of reasons. Having one place for all of my doings is the biggest reason. My social media, blogs, hopefully soon the return of my podcast. It's all right here. I plan to start blogs on not only my life, but also comedy as well as my reviews of stuff like TV and food. Also might expand that in to my love of wrestling in some way. I'm not sure exactly but I'm excited for the future. Mostly the site is for me. I like to share and communicate with people and since I've moved a lot it helps me feel connected with more people and have an outlet for all the crap rolling around in my dome. This site will take from the years of experience I had with the first time around and learn from the mistakes while having the parts that made it great return. So look around the site, have a read, follow me on social media... all that stuff. I'm a good follow. I even read somewhere that I'm unique!

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